Clip-on nose pads
Clip-on nose pads are designed with a metal base in most common applications.  Although there is an alternate style which appears different yet is made for the same mounting style.

Most commonly, the clip-on style nose pads are thought of or referred as the Bausch and Lomb type nose pads.  They are also referred as the Ray Ban nose pads.  Partly because Ray Ban sunglass frames were known for using this type of nose pad mount.  And because Bausch and Lomb was the former owner of the Ray Ban name, which is now property of Luxottica. 

For the most common used clip-on nose pads, there is what appears to be two adjustable flaps for the base of the nose pad.  These flaps are what attaches to the nose pad arm.  In this style nose pad mount, the nose pad arm has a thin metal piece that looks like a double edged axe.  It is in the middle, where the thin narrow piece is used to mount these nose pads.

For Removal and mounting of Clip-on nose pads:

First to remove an old pad, you could use a small pair of needle nose pliers.  By grabbing one of the flaps, bend the flap outward(away) form the center of the nose pad.  Repeat this step for the other flap.  If you do not own or cannot locate a small pair of needle nose pliers, you may use a very small flathead screwdriver.  By placing the blade of the screwdriver between the flaps and prying apart the flaps until you can get enough space between the flaps in order to pull the pad off of the nose pad arm.  This should complete the removal process, and now you are ready to mount a new pair of clip-on nose pads.

For mounting of a new pair of clip-on nose pads, would be similar to a reverse process of the removal.  Most cases, when you receive a new pair, the flaps should have ample space between them to fit over the thin center post of the nose pad arm.  Once the new nose pad is in place, we need to close or tighten those flaps over that post in order to secure them.  Now this can be done once again by using a small set of needle nose pliers.  By grabbing the tip of the flap(either side), bend the flap inward towrds the center of the nose pad.  Repeat this step for the other side.  Although needle nose pliers may work for you in removal, it is not as simple to mount them this way.  A preferred way to mount these nose pads is to use an opticians nylon/metal plier.  This way the nylon side of the plier can be used for support on the face of the nose pad (the side that rests on your face).  There is also less chance for you to damage the nose pad this way.  Now, by placing the nylon on the face of the nose pad, use the metal side of the plier to bend the flap over the stem.  Now, we realize that apart from an optician, the likelihood of you having an optician's plier on hand is a slight chance.  Therefore we have created another optional way of  doing this that may occupy what you have on hand.  With the nose pad in place, place the nose pad against a hard object(like a corner of a table), then with something sturdy and blunt(like a scissor blade), press down on the flap.  This should get the flap to bend over without hurting a finger .   Remember always to cover the eyeglass lens when working with sharp objects or tools around them.  You can do this by wrapping a small cotton cloth, lens cloth, or handkerchief around the lens nearest the nose pad you are working on.

Below is a list of materials available for the clip-on style mount nose pad.

  • Vinyl
  • Silicone
  • Hard Acetate(Plastic)

Here are the sizes available in the clip-on nose pads

  • 17mm
  • 19mm

Clip-on nose pad
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