Split Pin nose pads
Split pin nose pads  are designed with a metal base on a hard acetate nose pad(plastic).  As you can see from the picture to the left, the split pin nose pad has a partition in the middle of the metal base.  This is an important factor for mounting these types of nose pads. 

These nose pads are a specialty nose pad, meaning that this application is rare but still used.  For that reason, the manufacturer of these nose pads only make this available in a hard plastic material.  And only available in one size. 

Mounting a split pin nose pad

For mounting a split pin nose pad, providing your eyeglass frame is designed for it, insert the metal base into the square hole in the nose pad arm.   The nose pad base should easily slide through the square hole. Note:  It is not imperative to place the nose pad base flush against the nose pad arm.  This may prevent natural pivoting of the nose pad once it is mounted.  Now, once you have inserted the nose pad into the square hole, take a small screwdriver (a precision set screwdriver or opticians screwdriver will work best, make sure it is a flathead screwdriver) and place the blade into the split end.  You will have to work at this a little, but gently turn the screwdriver blade in order to separate the split end.  You only need separate slightly as the screwdriver will not completely perform the task for you.  Once slightly separated, you will need to secure the nose pad.  At this point there is little hold, and the nose pad could still slide out.  At this point, you may either use a pair of non-aggressive pliers, or another flathead screwdriver.  Make sure the next screwdriver you use has a wider head, enough to enter the opening you have created with the smaller screwdriver.

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