System "3"
These nose pads look and act similar to the slide-on or rimless eyeglass nose pads.  The general design is the same, yet they are made for a whole different kind of mount.  Where the nose pad inserts into the frame is a rectangular base with an extended lip to fit into a rectangular opening on the nose  pad arm.

These nose pads are not common, however an important factor for replacement on various eyeglass frames.  We will try to compile a list for the frame manufacturers that use this type of mounting system for their nose pads.  As of now, we only have one name to reference these to.

Although these are not slide on nose pads, they could fit a slide-on mount eyeglass frame.   The System "3" nose pads are made of a silicone material only and are available only in one size.  To order the System "3" nose pads, Click Here!

System "3" Nose Pads